Discover Friesland

Friesland pre-eminently is a water sports province. But, there is more. Green meadows, the IJsselmeer coast, sandy beaches, the Dutch Wadden, historic towns, the Friesian language, and national sports such as “kaatsen” (an old Friesian ball game), “skûtsjesilen” (race with old shallow-draft Friesian boats) and “fierljeppen” (jumping over wide ditches by means of a long pole).


Discover Friesland as it is

‘Jimme binne tige wolkom’ (You are very welcome) is what the Friesians say, and they mean that wholeheartedly. In it “heitelân” the people are very welcoming, and you will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside, and the wide vistas. All of this with the coasts of Wadden Sea and IJsselmeer close at hand. Enjoy the sun and the wind on the beach… or seemingly endless bicycling tours through green meadows … or visiting the beautifully preserved little towns of Harlingen, Bolsward, Sneek, Franeker, and the pleasant IJsselmeer village of Makkum.


Mounds and farms

Around 600 BC the Friesians started building mounds (to build their houses on) to protect themselves against the sea. Witmarsum is one such “mound village”, and also the birth place of Menno Simons, founder of the Mennonites. His little 16th century conventicle at Pingjum and the memorial at Witmarsum are visited by Mennonites from all over the world. Allingawier is a true museum village complete with a forge, a baker’s shop and a coffee house where you can eat the famous Friesian delicacy “drabbelkoeken”.


Enjoy yourself to your heart’s content in Friesland

Do you like peace and quiet, nature and historic city gems? Do you enjoy visiting a museum from time to time, or another place of interest? In that case Friesland is the place to be for you. At just under an hour’s drive from Amsterdam, you are completely away from it all.


Monuments under your feet

Not only the mounds, also the many dikes in the area are veritable monuments that remind us of the fight against the seawater. When you like walking, you can really let yourself go here.For good reason, the Slachtedijk is the scene of the famous Slachte Marathon.


The beauty of Friesland

Widespread meadows with grazing cows. Monumental farmhouses, well-preserved historic towns, picturesque villages, lots of water, and plenty of space, peace and quiet.That is Friesland for you. But you will also find there many bicycle and walking paths, and a large degree of individuality and willfulness. Not for nothing the kind Friesians do have an official language of their own.