Building sustainably also means that you are careful with energy and the environment. That is why the houses at It Fliet have high-quality insulation and are standard fitted out with energy-saving, comfortable floor heating.


Environment-friendly and profitable

Renewing and sustainable is the way in which your house is heated and cooled. All villas at It Fliet are provided with an environment-friendly and energy saving heat pump. This heating appliance replaces the traditional gas holder and heats and cools your house.


Energy saving and environment-friendly

With a heat pump installation you choose for lower energy and operation costs, and a very low emission of harmful substances. At the site it even is zero. However, with a heat pump you don’t just save the environment, you also save money. Experience shows that with a heat pump you use less energy.


Operation of the heat pump

The heating system works as a fridge turned upside down. In the tubes a liquid circulates that extracts warmth from the earth which makes it evaporate. The resulting gas is compressed, which makes the temperature rise. The warmth that is released is used to heat your house and the drinking water. The cooled-down water is pumped back again into the system. Another large advantage is that you can also use the heat pump to cool your house.